How Does Ultherapy Work?


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Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to cause a mild tissue injury that stimulates collagen production beneath the skin, leading to firmer, tighter skin explains About.com. The treatment initiates a regenerative response in three different layers of the skin without damaging the surface layer, explains the official Ultherapy website.

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Ultherapy uses a combination of focused ultrasound energy and ultrasound imaging referred to as “DeepSEE” technology, according to About.com. This technology differs from other nonsurgical skin tightening procedures that use infrared and radiofrequency technology such as Titan and Thermage, respectively. Ultherapy enables medical professionals to accurately administer ultrasound energy to a specific depth within the skin's tissues and to view the deep layers of the skin. The treatment results in a more youthful and refreshed appearance over two to three months as collagen production increases, reports the official Ultherapy website.

Ultherapy is approved for tightening the brows and forehead, and it has also shown skin tightening effects when used on the neck and lower face, states About.com. Clinical trials demonstrate the benefits of Ultherapy are still evident 10 months after undergoing the procedure and that no downtime is required for patients receiving the treatment. Although Ultherapy does not provide the same results as a conventional face or browlift. It is a safe and suitable option for a patient not yet requiring an invasive and expensive skin-tightening procedure such as a surgical facelift.

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