What Are Some Ubiquinol Benefits?


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WebMD states that ubiquinol, a common form of coenzyme Q-10 that is used as a supplement, is likely effective in treating coenzyme Q-10 deficiencies and conditions that inhibit normal energy production at the cellular level, such as mitochondrial disorders. Coenzyme Q-10 is naturally found throughout the body, but the amount drops as people age. Supplements may restore natural levels and help organ systems function optimally.

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WebMD maintains that ubiquinol is possibly effective for treating cardiovascular conditions, migraine headaches, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease and muscular dystrophy. It also appears to lower the risk of future heart problems if it is taken regularly following a heart attack and seems to have antioxidant effects to boost the immune system. More research is needed in these areas to know the extent of its effectiveness. In order to benefit from ubiquinol supplements, patients may need to take it in conjunction with other medications and therapies.

Research is currently testing the use of ubiquinol for cyclic vomiting, diabetes, breast cancer, male infertility, angina, fibromyalgia syndrome, hair loss, fatigue and other conditions. Research in these areas is currently inconclusive as to the effectiveness of ubiquinol, according to WebMD. Ubiquinol is probably not effective in treating high cholesterol or high triglycerides, and it does not improve athletic performance. It is also ineffective at improving gum health when used as a topical ointment, but it may be effective against gum disease when taken internally as a supplement.

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