Why Does the U.S. Have a Higher Breast and Prostate Cancer Recovery Rate Than Others?


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While there are no definitive answers as to why the United States has higher recovery rates for breast and prostate cancer, experts at WebMD state that the way these cancers are treated and screened for likely plays a large role. Other countries with high survival rates include Japan and France.

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Analysts attempting to ascertain why the United States ranked so highly in its survival rates for individuals with prostate and breast cancer began by taking a closer look at survival rates from state to state, explains WebMD. Because cancer is treated and screened for differently in varying regions and among different demographics, this was their first clue in determining why there were differing survival rates among patients.

Breast cancer and prostate cancer can both be caught early on through regular screening, and both types of cancer are curable if caught early on, states WebMD.

Studying these statistics, physicians can begin implementing better screening and treatment policies in areas with lower recovery rates to help boost the number of individuals who survive a breast or prostate cancer diagnosis, states WebMD. Policymakers in areas with high recovery rates for these and other types of cancer can ideally work with policymakers in areas that have lower recovery rates in order to establish new programs to help in the fight against cancer.

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