What Typically Occurs During a Free Nose Job Consultation?


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During a rhinoplasty consultation, surgeons typically discuss the patient's goals with regard to both appearance and breathing, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Patients should be prepared to discuss any medical conditions they have, their drug allergies and previous medical treatments.

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Patients should also prepare to discuss current medicines, herbal supplements and vitamins they're taking. Surgeons might also inquire about their alcohol, tobacco and drug use, explains the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. A surgeon might evaluate a patient's general health and any risk factors or pre-existing conditions the patient has. The evaluation process often involves taking measurements of the patient's face and taking photographs. Surgeons might discuss potential options for the patient to consider, suggest a course of treatment and discuss likely outcomes of the surgery, including potential risks and complications.

Some patients get rhinoplasties to improve the look of their faces, according to WebMD, while others receive a rhinoplasty to improve their breathing or to correct other problems. The surgery can correct disfigurement from various causes, including birth defects and trauma. There are various techniques surgeons can use to change the appearance and function of noses, and surgeons typically discuss how these procedures work during evaluation. Patients might also want to talk with their insurance providers to determine if their plan includes rhinoplasty coverage.

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