What Is Typically Included on a Mental Health Screening Form?


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A mental health screening form typically includes questions about the patient's past history with mental health services and medication, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The form may also include questions about the patient's current emotional state, anxiety levels, fears and impulses. Other questions cover past suicide attempts, internal voices and past traumas.

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The National Center for Biotechnology Information asserts that mental health screening forms may ask if the patient has ever felt that other people were against him. The forms may include questions about whether the person has had emotional problems associated with sexual behaviors, and touch on issues of weight gain or loss. Screening forms also contain questions that gauge the person's history with manic behavior and uncontrollable anxiety.

Mental health screening forms often include questions about the patient's recent emotional state, as stated by the California Mental Health Services Authority. The form might include questions about the lack of interest in favorite activities, feelings of hopelessness and worries that the patient is unable to control. The form may also inquire about the patient's history of violent altercations or arguments. Depending on the goal, a screening form can include questions about the person's alcohol use and sleep habits.

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