What Is Typically Found on Psychology Worksheets?


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Worksheets that positive psychologists give their patients commonly involve activities designed to build self esteem and find meaning in life, explains Therapist Aid. A cognitive behavioral therapist may give patients worksheets that encourage them to identify their core beliefs about themselves and to challenge the negative thoughts they have about themselves and the world. Cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets also often involve activities aimed at correcting negative behaviors.

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Behavioral activism is one technique cognitive behavioral therapists use to treat depression in patients, and worksheets can help in implementing the technique, notes Therapist Aid. The technique involves identifying positive behaviors patients can use to replace self-destructive behaviors that contribute to their depression. For example, they might make an active decision to eat a healthy breakfast instead of waiting until noon to eat and then binging on junk food. A therapist can give patients a worksheet with spaces to write down the times and days of the week they are to engage in each positive behavior.

Positive psychologists sometimes utilize worksheets when focusing on gratitude-building techniques to treat depression and stress-related disorders, explains Therapist Aid. One method is to instruct patients to keep a gratitude journal in which they write down things, both small and large, they are grateful for throughout each day. A therapist can give patients worksheets that guide them through the journaling process and provide space to write out their first few journal entries.

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