What Is Typically Found on Coping Skills Worksheets?


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A typical coping skills worksheet identifies symptoms and causes of current stress followed by identification of past coping strategies and their success, notes Inner Health Studios. Worksheets help determine whether the stressful situation can be changed and help to establish coping strategies using the information revealed in the worksheets.

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There are hundreds of coping skills worksheets that are designed for use with specific and narrowly defined population groups, such as worksheets for anger management or panic attacks, as posted by Inner Health Studios. General worksheets are intended to help those experiencing the stress of everyday personal and professional life.

A value of coping skills worksheets is the identification of the symptoms of stress as either physical or emotional, explains Inner Health Studios. Physical symptoms may include headaches, back aches, digestive upsets, disruption of sleep or lack of appetite. Emotional symptoms may include irritability, anger and withdrawal from friends or family.

The answers on the coping skills worksheets lead to developing a coping plan to deal with the situation, notes Inner Health Studios. Coping strategies can include eliminating the cause of the stress, exercising, managing time effectively, engaging in creative activities and hobbies, and eating healthy foods. Additional strategies are getting adequate sleep and rewarding successful efforts. Rewards can be as simple as watching a favorite TV show or movie, playing a game with family, or listening to music.

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