What Is a Typical Weightlifting Routine for Beginners?


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A typical weightlifting routine for beginners includes a series of exercises such as leg presses, bicep curls and chest flies that target the muscles of the entire body. When starting a weightlifting routine, fitness experts recommend beginners start slowly and gradually to avoid injury, according to WebMD.

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Use weights heavy enough to provide a challenge while keeping good body form when performing the exercises. A challenging weight to start training is the heaviest weight the person can lift in one repetition, states fitness expert Jillian Michaels in an Everyday Health article. Michaels recommends beginners start with one set of 12 to 16 repetitions for each body part, increasing the number of sets to three over three weeks before adding additional weight to the routine. Once additional weight is added, she recommends starting the process over by adding one set per week and gradually building back up to three sets. This process stimulates muscle growth, which leads to greater overall strength and helps promote fat loss.

Weight training improves overall health and, if done correctly, is a safe activity for most people. To avoid injury, prepare the body before beginning a bodybuilding workout, advises WebMD. Do at least 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercises such as running, jumping rope or riding a stationary bike to warm up the muscles. Once the weightlifting routine is over, stretch out any body parts worked in the routine.

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