What Is the Typical Treatment for a Torn Bicep Tendon?


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Treatments for a torn bicep tendon include limited activity, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications and ice application to reduce swelling and pain associated with the injury, according to the Orthopaedic Center. Physicians may also recommend physical therapy to restore strength to the surrounding muscles.

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In rare cases, patients may require surgery to reattach torn tendons back to the bone, explains the Orthopaedic Center. Physicians may opt to surgically repair the bicep tendon using one or two incisions for partial or full tears. The procedure involves using stitches to attach the tendon to the bone through holes drilled inside the bone. In some cases, surgeons may use metal implants to attach the bone to the tendon.

Most individuals who possess a torn bicep tendon rehabilitate with mobility and strengthening exercises to increase flexibility as the tear heals, explains the Orthopaedic Center. Bicep tears can occur at the elbow or shoulder and may involve partial or full tears. Common symptoms of a bicep tendon tear include severe or sudden pain at the elbow or in the upper arm as well as visible bruising near the affected area. Some patients may experience swelling or weakness in the elbow or shoulder. A bulge near the affected area may be present.

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