What Are Some Typical Symptoms of an Estrogen Deficiency?


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Typical symptoms of estrogen deficiency include light or absent periods, decreased vitality of the vulva and vaginal area, joint stiffness and discomfort, fatigue, and poor libido. Other symptoms include small but sharp wrinkles in the corner of the eyes and above the upper lip, recurrent bladder infections, uncomfortable intercourse due to poor lubrication, stress incontinence, and droopy breasts, as listed by Karanga Health Centre.

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Estrogen deficiency is associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease, Infertility, premature aging, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Medical providers treat estrogen deficiency with bio-identical estradiol and estriol cream and with progesterone micronized capsules. Regardless of treatment, those suffering from estrogen deficiency should stop treatment for three days each month so that their hormone receptors are retain their sensitivity, as Karanga Health Centre advises.

Patients should apply estrogen cream in a thin layer on a large non-fatty and non-hairy surface area of the body, such as the face, upper chest, inner arms or behind the knees. While using the cream, they need to avoid eating large amounts of cereal fiber because doing so depletes estrogen levels. Additionally, patients should not use other creams and lotions while applying the estrogen cream, according to Karanga Health Centre. While there is no need to stop treatment for other medical reasons such as infection, patients should continue to check for the signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance.

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