What Are Some Typical Senior Dance Classes?


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Some typical senior dance classes are salsa, jazz and danzon. Other choices include low-impact aerobics and ballroom dancing. Senior dance classes are offered in gyms and fitness centers as well as community centers and churches.

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Dance classes are good for seniors because they provide both a physical and mental workout. In classes like ballroom dancing, seniors memorize dance steps and perform them with a partner, which requires both memory work and social interaction, both of which improve a senior's overall health.

Low-impact aerobics dance classes are good for seniors because they burn calories, are appropriate for every age and skill level, and elevate the heart rate. In low-impact aerobics, seniors are moving constantly at their own pace, which allows their heart to pump oxygen into their blood faster. For a senior, taking a low-impact aerobics dance class five to six days a week reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, as well as improving memory functioning.

Danzon is a form of senior dance class created by the Latino Alzheimer's & Memory Disorders Alliance of Illinois. Danzon is the name of a musical genre popular in Latin countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico and Mexico. This dance class gives seniors the option of promenading to slower-paced songs of this genre, or doing the salsa to more upbeat danzon songs.

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