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As of December 2015, Yelp reviewers rate Dr. Jonathan Wright's Tahoma Clinic four out of five stars, although no reviewers mention receiving treatment from Dr. Wright himself. One reviewer describes how Dr. Gaston, who practices at the Redmond location, ran multiple tests to determine and treat the cause of her symptoms. She states that the staff is friendly, and she is feeling better. Another reviewer commends the clinic for working to get to the root cause of illnesses.

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One Yelp reviewer notes that Tahoma Clinic is controversial, but she feels that its natural and alternative healing services work well in conjunction with traditional medicine. Another reviewer was not as impressed with the clinic, stating that the pharmacy gave her poor-quality sage liquid drops and refused to give her a refund.

A naturopathic practitioner, Dr. Wright has been involved in several controversies for questionable medical practices, as Quackwatch reports. In 1991, law enforcement officials seized over 100 bottles of L-tryptophan supplements that Dr. Wright had been prescribing despite an FDA ban. The following year, the clinic posted a notice claiming that Dr. Wright, as a state-licensed physician, was legally exempt from FDA regulations, and no FDA inspectors or agents were allowed on clinic property.

Several years later in 2013, the Washington Medical Quality Assurance Commission suspended Wright's license for 90 days and fined him after discovering that he had employed an unlicensed physician who had previously lost his license in Texas.

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