What Are the Typical Results From Buttock Lift Surgery?


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The results of a buttock lift surgery, or belt lipectomy, are usually visible immediately following the procedure and include a smoother, more toned appearance, according to ClevelandClinic.org. Final results may take months to appear, and volume and shape of the buttocks are not modified during the surgery.

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Buttocks lift surgery is usually an outpatient procedure that is done with the aid of general anesthesia, states ClevelandClinic.org. The exact method of performing a buttocks lift is specific to each individual and accounts for his unique body shape, varying in the amount of skin and fat removed. The incision is made near the waist before excess skin and fat are removed from the surrounding tissue. The incision is then closed in layers as the skin is tightened. Compression garments or elastic girdles are used following surgery to reduce inflammation and assist the skin in tightening.

Mild-to-moderate pain following surgery can be managed through prescribed pain medication, says ClevelandClinic.org. Swelling and bruising are expected but usually diminish within three weeks. Full recovery is approximately four to six months. Demanding activities and exercise should be avoided for up to three months following surgery. Due to the nature of surgery, a buttocks lift carries inherent risks such as bleeding, infection and numbness or tightness.

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