What is the typical recovery time for an laminotomy?


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Patients typically take several weeks to fully recover from a laminotomy, according to Healthgrades. Recovery time varies based on anesthesia type, general health of the patient, age of the patient, procedure performed and other factors.

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A laminotomy is a surgical procedure that removes a small part of the lamina, or bony area of the spine, explains Healthgrades. The lamina lines the back of each vertebra and makes up the back wall of the spinal canal. Surgeons perform laminotomies to relieve pressure in the spinal cord, which affects the spinal nerves within. The term laminotomy is often used interchangeably with laminectomy, but a laminotomy only removes a small part of the lamina, while a laminectomy removes most of the lamina.

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