What Is the Typical Recovery Time Following Hip Replacement Surgery?


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Recovery time after hip replacement surgery takes up to 6 months, for patients to return to normal life activities, notes WebMD. Short-term recovery takes place a couple days after surgery, while long-term recovery requires several months and involves complete healing of surgical wounds and internal soft tissue, explains WebMD.

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One or two days after hip replacement surgery, a patient can typically get out of bed and be discharged from the hospital, using a walker for stabilization, states University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center. Once a patient can walk around his house without pain or resting that is considered a sign of short-term recovery. Recovery time also involves reducing dependency on pain killers, so a person's pain tolerance can be a large factor in recovery time.

A patient can return to work and active daily living when he has fully recovered. Overall recovery time depends on each individual, his age, general health, physical therapy, possible infections, surgical complications and the type of anesthesia used, explains University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center.

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