What Are Some Typical Questions on a Mental Health Test?


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Typical questions on a mental health test ask patients to state their names, ages, the date, their places of work and residences. Test questions also ask patients to spell words backwards and forwards, to recall items and to judge situations, states MedlinePlus.

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The mini-mental state examination is one of the most common tests used to assess the mental health of patients, according to MedlinePlus. The test assesses the appearance, orientation, attention span and memory of patients. The questions presented through the test also assess the language function and judgement capabilities of patients. Some of the questions ask patients to name the current season, their current locations and multiples of numbers.

Physicians administering the test show patients some random items and ask them to name them, explains MedlinePlus. After five minutes, physicians may ask patients to recall the items to assess their recent memory. Mental health tests also ask patients to narrate events from their childhood or other early stages of life.

Mental health tests also assess the ability of patients to solve problems or make judgements, notes MedlinePlus. A physician administering the test may ask a patient what he would do if he found a driver's license on the ground or if a police car flashed lights behind his car.

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