What Are Some Typical Qualifications for a Wedding Annulment?


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Physical, mental and legal conditions can allow for marriage annulment, explains Lawyers.com. Clear legal parameters exist to gauge whether these conditions are met. Either spouse may file for annulment if certain criteria are proven.

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Proof that either the husband or wife had another living spouse at the time of marriage, confirmation that either person was unable to consent or was mentally incompetent while getting married, and verification that either partner was younger than 16 at the time of marriage and did not have the approval of a court can all annul a marriage, states Lawyers.com. A court may grant an annulment if either person was forced or threatened into marriage or if the marriage took place because one person made fraudulent actions or statements.

Some situations are grounds for an annulment as long as an annulment action is filed within weeks or months of the marriage, states FindLaw. This can happen when one spouse was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of marriage or if one partner refuses to consummate the marriage.

An annulment is possible in circumstances in which one spouse is physically and incurably impotent without the other spouse being aware of this condition at the time of marriage, Lawyers.com explains.

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