What Is Typical Post-Cataract Surgery Care?


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Typical post-cataract surgery care includes protective eye shields or eye patches, along with eye drops to control eye pressure, prevent infection and reduce inflammation, according to the Mayo Clinic. The eye shields are especially important while sleeping because the affected eye can itch; rubbing could injure it.

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It generally takes a few days before vision noticeably improves after cataract surgery, explains the Mayo Clinic. Vision often remains blurry until the eye heals and adjusts fully. Complete healing takes as long as eight weeks. Vision is rarely perfect after cataract surgery, and most people require glasses in at least some circumstances. Vision is usually greatly improved, however, relative to before cataract surgery is performed. In a few cases, complications arise, such as retinal detachment, abnormally high eye pressure or a secondary cataract.

Cataract surgery removes the lens of the eye after the lens becomes clouded, the Mayo Clinic says. The old lens is usually replaced with a new artificial lens. Cataracts tend to cause blurry vision and increase the impact of glare. In addition to relieving these symptoms, doctors sometimes suggest cataract removal surgery if the cloudy lens prevents them from examining the eye for other eye diseases, such as macular degeneration.

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