What Are Some Typical Pilates Exercises?


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Typical Pilates exercises include the single leg stretch, the spine stretch and the open leg rocker. Other typical Pilates exercises are the roll up and the roll over. These exercises are all part of the 10 exercises that make up a traditional Pilates workout.

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The Pilates exercise called the roll up helps to strengthen the core, flatten abdominal muscles and stretch the back and hamstrings. To do a roll up, start by lying flat on an exercise mat with your arms extending outwards from your body. Take a breath, then exhale and roll the body up in a "C" shape, reaching for your toes with your hands. Inhale again and slowly take the body back into a "C" curve. Exhale and uncurl your body down back onto the mat one vertebra at a time.

To do a spine stretch, sit on the mat with your legs extended straight out in front of you and your feet flexed. Take a breath, and extend your arms out in front of you at about shoulder height. Exhale, and curve your body forward, lengthening the spine and reaching your fingers towards your toes. Inhale, and go deeper into the stretch, feeling a deep release in the hip area. Exhale, and use your lower abdominal muscles to bring your body back upright. Roll your body up through the spine until you are back to your original sitting position.

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