What Are Some Typical Lung Cancer Symptoms in Men?


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Symptoms of lung cancer include a long-lasting cough that may worsen, or coughing up blood or red-tinged phlegm. Other symptoms include chest pain, loss of appetite and weight loss, hoarseness, shortness of breath, fatigue, and persistent infections of the chest, according to the American Cancer Society. These symptoms may change if the cancer spreads.

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What Are Some Typical Lung Cancer Symptoms in Men?
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Unfortunately, most types of lung cancer do not express themselves through clear symptoms until the disease has already progressed beyond a cure, states the American Cancer Society. Visiting the doctor when first noticing symptoms, however, can sometimes result in an earlier diagnosis. Lung cancer that spreads throughout the body can feature symptoms such as bone pain, difficulties with the nervous system, yellowing of the skin and lumps near the surface of the skin. Yellowing of the skin, or jaundice, is indicative of cancer that has spread to the liver, while lumps under the skin may indicate cancer of the lymph nodes.

Various types of lung cancer are capable of expressing themselves through very specific symptoms, notes the American Cancer Society. Pancoast tumors is a lung cancer that dwells around the top of the lungs and often damages a nerve in the upper chest area, resulting in extreme shoulder pain. If these tumors affect nerves leading to the eye and face, Horner syndrome is present. Symptoms include drooping of one eyelid, having a smaller pupil in the affected eye, and reduced perspiration on one side of the face.

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