What Is the Typical Life Expectancy of a Patient With Pancreatitis?

Chronic pancreatitis generally reduces life expectancy by 10 to 15 years, according to UCLA Health. Acute pancreatitis has a death rate of around 10 percent, says the National Pancreas Foundation.

Mild acute pancreatitis has a death rate of less than 1 percent, and severe acute pancreatitis is around 10 to 30 percent, says American Family Physician. A chronic pancreatitis patient's willingness to follow treatment protocol can greatly affect his life expectancy.

The most common cause of chronic pancreatitis is alcoholism, and the most common cause of acute pancreatitis is gallbladder stones. Both types of pancreatitis have a range of causes, including autoimmune conditions, genetic mutations due to cystic fibrosis, blocked pancreatic or common bile ducts, and familial pancreatitis, according to the National Pancreas Foundation.