What Is the Typical Life Expectancy After a Diagnosis of Myelofibrosis?


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Myelofibrosis patients usually live five to six years after their diagnosis, according to the Nord Physician Guides. These patients are at high risk for blood clots in their veins and arteries, and 10 to 20 percent of them go on to develop an acute form of leukemia.

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This acute leukemia is rapidly fatal, and many patients only live three to five months after diagnosis, says Nord Physician Guides.

Despite the prognosis, myelofibrosis tends to progress slowly and treatment may not be needed if the patient is asymptomatic, says Mayo Clinic. When symptoms do arrive, such as enlarged spleen and anemia, doctors prescribe drugs to ease these symptoms. As of 2015, there is even a medication that neutralizes the JAK2 gene that is believed to cause myelofibrosis.

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