What Are Typical Health Care Survey Questions?


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Typical health care survey questions include whether individuals have a favorite hospital, whether a hospital has modern diagnosis and treatment equipment, and how satisfied individuals are with the hospital staff's competency and skills, according to QuestionPro. Other typical questions ask the number of times individuals or family members have been to their doctors in the previous year, which person makes the family's primary health care decisions, and the type of health insurance of the individuals responding to the survey.

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Health care opinion surveys can help assess the quality and availability of health care in a community, and the level of patient satisfaction with the facilities available, explains QuestionPro. The questions are typically in a multiple-choice format, and some questions include "other" as a choice with space for a response. Surveys can include an open-ended question asking what the respondent has heard about patient care at a health care facility.

The last section of a survey typically asks several demographic questions, such as age, gender, marital status, ages of children in the household and household income, notes QuestionPro. A survey may include questions about the respondents' occupation and level of formal education completed. Answers to this series of questions help establish whether attitudes and opinions about health care vary between demographic groups. Individuals conducting the survey do not associate the answers with the names of the people who respond to the survey.

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