What Are Some Typical Femur Surgeries?


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Typical femur surgeries include external fixation, intramedullary nailing and the positioning of plates and screws into the thighbone, says OrthoInfo. In external fixation, the surgeon places pins or screws into the femur just below the fracture.

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The surgeon then attaches the pins and screws to a bar outside the patient's skin, claims OrthoInfo. This keeps the bone stable and encourages it to heal.

In intramedullary nailing, the surgeon places a metal rod through the femur's marrow canal, explains OrthoInfo. He then places nails at the top and bottom of the femur to stabilize it. This is the most common type of femur surgery. If the surgeon uses plates or screws, he first aligns the bone fragments and then uses the plates and screws to keep them aligned.

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