What Is the Typical Dosage of Simethicone?


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The typical dosage of simethicone tablets or capsules for adults and teens is 60 to 125 milligrams four times daily after each meal and before bed, according to Mayo Clinic. The chewable tablet dosage is 150 milligrams three times daily after meals or 40 to 125 milligrams four times daily after meals and before bed. The liquid dosage is 40 to 95 milligrams four times daily after meals and before bed. Dosages should not exceed 500 milligrams in 24 hours.

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People take simethicone to relieve symptoms of excess gas, explains Mayo Clinic. A physician must prescribe simethicone dosages for children. Chewing the chewable simethicone tablet completely before swallowing provides the maximum benefit. For people who take the liquid form of simethicone by mouth, using a measuring spoon ensures accurate doses.

Patients on low-sugar or low-salt diets or who have other dietary restrictions should inform their health care professionals before taking simethicone, notes Mayo Clinic. Individuals who experience symptoms of excess gas should chew their food slowly and refrain from consuming foods and carbonated beverages that produce gas. Engaging in regular exercise, maintaining regular bowel habits and refraining from smoking before meals can reduce gassy symptoms. Patients who miss a dose should not take a double dose of the medication.

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