What Are Some Typical Details in a Doctor's Letter?


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A doctor's letter to a patient's employer may include details such as the name of the patient's condition and a list of work-related limitations it causes, describes Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center. The letter typically begins with the physician identifying himself and the patient under his care and ends with the dates when the leave of absence or other accommodations should begin and end. The doctor may also choose to list his license number in the letter.

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Another type of letter a doctor may provide is one informing a child's school of activities in which the child should not partake, notes the Arthritis Foundation. This type of letter, usually addressed to a school principal, teacher or counselor, includes the student's name, a brief description of the student's condition and limitations, and a list of any activities from which the student must refrain. Some doctors may choose to write a more in-depth description of the illness or injury to help a teacher or guidance counselor better understand the child's condition.

A doctor's letter for a student may also explain warning signs that the child is not feeling well so that the teacher knows to watch for them, according to the Arthritis Foundation. The doctor may further suggest some accommodations to help the child perform optimally at school. For example, students with certain conditions benefit from the ability to record lessons instead of taking notes.

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