What Is a Typical Cost to Visit a Vision Provider and Get an Exam?


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The price to visit a vision provider and get an eye exam varies, but in general eye exams range from $50 to over $100. The average cost of an eye exam for a person without insurance is $114, according to CostHelper.com.

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The price of eye exams depend on the type of clinic, the qualifications of the provider, whether or not the patient has insurance, the specific reasons for the exam, and the procedures performed. Vision providers located inside retail stores typically charge a lower fee for exams than independent clinics. Persons who are in need of a new prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses can also expect to pay more than they would for a general eye exam.

Many clinics charge extra for additional procedures such as pupil dilation and photos. Prior to scheduling a vision exam, patients should check with the clinic about any extra fees or procedures they may require during the exam and ask what is included in the cost of the exam. A typical eye exam involves recording the patient’s family health history, testing the person’s ability to see close up and far away, eye pressure tests, near-vision tests and an examination of the inner eye.

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