What is the typical cost of strabismus surgery?


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As of 2015, strabismus surgery costs about $4,250 per case, states Cost Helper. Costs without doctor's fees can run up to $15,000 for patients with previous scarring or other complications. Patients with health insurance usually pay out-of-pocket copay costs for doctor visits and prescriptions, or 10 to 50 percent coinsurance.

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Health insurance usually covers strabismus, or lazy eye treatment, which is considered a therapeutic and not a cosmetic procedure, notes Cost Helper. Prescription antibiotic eye drops may be necessary with surgery, and the costs can range from under $10 for generic drops to over $75 for name-brand products. Children and adults undergo strabismus surgery, during which a surgeon makes a tiny incision in the eye to detach and reattach muscles that move the organ.

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