What Is the Typical Cost of Knee Surgery?


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Knee surgeries range in cost from $3,676 for a knee arthroscopy to $22,457 for total knee replacement, according to Healthcare Bluebook, as of 2015. Knee arthroscopy is generally an outpatient procedure, whereas a total knee replacement usually requires a four-day admission to a hospital.

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The fee details, as of 2015, for a knee arthroscopy break down to $2,024 for the facility fee, $1,053 for the physician fee and $599 for anesthesia, notes Healthcare Bluebook. Total knee replacement surgery, as of 2015, costs $18,671 for the hospital stay, which includes $8,000 for the knee implant and $1,800 per day for four days. The physician fee for a total knee replacement averages $2,649. Anesthesia for the 2.5-hour procedure costs $1,136. Fees vary for knee replacement based on the implant used and how long a person stays in the hospital.

Knee arthroscopy involves making small incisions in the knee, and then the doctor inserts a tiny camera to view interior portions of the knee for damage, says MedlinePlus. A surgeon then may cut, remove or fix portions of the knee with other small tools attached to the arthroscope. This type of surgery can be done for torn ligaments, swollen knee joints or removal of cartilage and cysts.

Total knee replacement requires metal implants in the knee joint so the leg functions properly, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The patella, or actual knee joint, gets resurfaced with a plastic button in some cases. Total knee replacements happen when severe arthritis or cartilage make it very hard to walk and perform normal, daily activities.

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