What Are Some Typical Causes for Sugar to Appear in Urine?


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Sugar appears in urine mainly because of the presence of high sugar levels the body, explains Healthgrades. However, there are other medical causes that result in the occurrence of sugar in urine.

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The use of foods and drinks that contain a higher content of sugar results in a continued accumulation of sugar in the body. When the sugar becomes more than the body can break down, it releases excess sugar through urine, reports Healthgrades.

Conditions such as diabetes also cause sugar to be present in the urine. These conditions interfere with the body's mechanism to break down and use sugar, notes Healthgrades. For this reason, the sugar in the body appears excessive and discharges through the urine. Benign glycosuria, a kidney condition, also promotes the occurrence of sugar in urine. This condition affects the ability of the kidney to filter sugar, which results in sugar passing through to the urine.

There are also life conditions that affect the occurrence of sugar in the urine. Pregnancy may trigger mechanisms that enable the sugar to appear in urine. The performance of a kidney transplant may also affect the functioning of the initial kidney system, resulting in the inability of the new kidney to thoroughly filter sugar, according to Healthgrades.

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