What Types of Treatments Are Performed by Foot Specialist Doctors?


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Foot specialist doctors, called podiatrists, treat conditions such as bunions, flat feet, athlete's foot and toenail problems, according to NHS Choices. Podiatrists also treat fractures, sprains, infections and injuries of the foot, heel and ankle, notes Portland Foot & Ankle.

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A bunion is a deformity of the muscles of the big toe that may cause the toe to point towards the other toes of the foot, explains NHS Choices. Foot care specialists use treatments such as pain killers, orthotics, bunion pads and surgery to improve the appearance of the foot.

Flat feet is a disorder of the longitudinal arch associated with the inward leaning of the ankle bones towards the center line, says Portland Foot & Ankle. Podiatrists may recommend physical therapy to treat complications arising from flat feet.

Podiatrists treat toenail problems such as fungal, thickened or ingrown toenails, notes NHS Choices. To treat fungal nails, foot specialists may prescribe oral or topical antifungal medications or remove the nail permanently, says Portland Foot & Ankle. Ankle sprains occur due to unnatural twisting of the ankle bones that causes tearing of ligaments around the ankle.To treat the condition, podiatrists may recommend the use of comprehensive bandages and regular application of ice. Surgery is reserved for severe ankle sprains.

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