What Types of Treatment Do HCR ManorCare Centers Offer Patients?

What Types of Treatment Do HCR ManorCare Centers Offer Patients?

HCR ManorCare provides treatment for any stroke or neurological conditions, orthopedic issues, cardiac-related diseases, respiratory-related issues and cancer recovery. In addition, the company provides treatment and care for patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's or other related dementia conditions.

For patients that require stroke or neurological therapy, HCR ManorCare provides shortwave diathermy that uses electromagnetic waves to increase the circulation in the body tissues. It also provides the electrical stimulation treatment that aids in neuromuscular re-education, pain relief and strengthening.

The orthopedic treatment includes an individualized treatment plan that may consist of pain management, mobility training, therapeutic exercise and adaptive equipment training. For cardiac treatment, HCR ManorCare provides help in building strength and improving the overall cardiovascular fitness of the patient.

HCR ManorCare offers pulmonary therapy by intensive and aggressive respiratory treatment designed to maximize the independent functioning of patients while improving their physical and psychological well-being. In oncology therapy, HCR ManorCare aids in building strength and independence during the cancer recovery as the patients are susceptible to side effects, impairments and other complications.

HCR ManorCare has centers that comprise skilled nursing and rehabilitation, providing treatment to individuals who are still recovering from surgery, injury or other disabling illnesses. It provides treatment to patients whose conditions continue to remain clinically complex and functionally limiting even after their discharge from the hospital.