What Are Some Types of Toe Prosthetics?


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Prosthetics for lost toes are either fillers in a shoe or artificial toes designed to look like the remaining toe on the other foot, reports Aubrey Bailey for the Houston Chronicle. Shoe fillers are used most often and are made of various types of foams, explains Ryan Fitzgerald for Podiatry Today. Artificial toes are primarily made out of silicone, states RealLifeSkin.

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Shoe fillers are custom-made inserts placed inside the shoe and take up the space occupied by the lost toe, notes Bailey. Artificial toes are designed to look like real toes and slide over the foot like a sock. They provide a life-like look and have an advantage over shoe inserts in that they can be worn in a wider variety of footwear and even without footwear.

Loss of a toe does not affect a person's ability to walk, states Bailey. However, if a toe prosthetic is not used, the other toes can become deformed. The primary purpose of the toe prosthetic is to keep the other toes in their regular positions during ambulation and to redistribute pressure away from the site of amputation. After being fitted with a toe prosthetic, most individuals require physical therapy to learn how to walk while wearing it.

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