What Types of Things Do Doctors Include in a Mental Health Treatment Plan?


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A mental health treatment plan developed by a doctor includes a description of the presenting problem, the goals of therapy and a list of the techniques used to achieve these goals. Additionally, a mental health treatment plan includes a time estimate for completion, states Lisa Fritscher for About.com.

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A mental health treatment plan outlines the overall goals or therapeutic objectives for the treatment, including primary goals and secondary goals. These goals provide a measurable outcome for the plan. Additionally, the treatment plan includes smaller, interim goals to be met at various phases of therapy, explains Fritscher.

Generally developed through collaboration between a patient and his doctor, the mental health treatment plan is always subject to change as treatment progresses. Developing the treatment plan is usually accomplished through an informal discussion of the issue. The plan might be presented to a patient by his doctor, and a copy should always be made available if requested, notes Fritscher.

The mental health treatment plan is created as a formal written document or in the form of loose notes. The format of the plan may vary depending on the documentation requirements of the treatment facility and if an insurance company is involved. Additionally, the severity of the problem being treated and the therapistメs preference can determine the format of the document, according to Fritscher.

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