What Types of Thermometers Does AcuRite Sell?


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AcuRite sells indoor, outdoor, meat, refrigerator and freezer thermometers as well as units that also monitor humidity levels to help prevent mold, according to the official AcuRite website. The meat thermometers the manufacturer produces may be used for different types of beef, pork, poultry and fish.

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Thermometers offered by AcuRite vary in features and price, as noted on the manufacturer's website. The units come in either analog or digital form, the latter typically being the more expensive model. Many of the manufacturer's temperature-only thermometers are analog. A few of the digital models may be connected to a mobile application to enable users to check the temperature and humidity levels of their homes from remote locations.

The manufacturer's short instant-read meat thermometers are among the cheapest it offers but carry the disadvantage of having to monitor meat closely, as claimed by AcuRite. It also offers models with long probes that enable users to monitor temperatures with their oven doors closed while wireless models enable users to monitor temperatures from anywhere in the house.

The manufacturer's clip freezer thermometers offer simple and affordable ways to monitor freezer temperatures, says AcuRite. It also offers more premium models that allow users to view fridge and freezer temperatures without having to open the doors.

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