What Types of Stretches Are Recommended for a Hip Bursitis?


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The gluteal stretch, the standing Iliotibial band stretch and the leaning Iliotibial band stretch are effective in treating hip bursitis, according to Summit Medical Group. These exercises stretch the muscles along the outside of the hip and subsequently lessen or remove pain.

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The gluteal stretch is performed by lying on the back with both knees bent and feet lifted above the ground, states Summit Medical Group. Place the ankle of the injured side over the knee of the uninjured side while clutching the uninjured leg. Then pull the uninjured side toward the chest and hold for a period between 15 and 30 seconds. The rear of the injured side should feel a stretching sensation, as well as the hip. Repeat this process three times.

The standing Iliotibial band stretch is performed by crossing the uninjured leg in front of the injured leg and bending over while trying to touch the inside of the back foot, explains Summit Medical Group. Locked knees and straight legs are necessary for the full benefit of this stretch. Hold for up to 30 seconds, and repeat for a total of three times. The side-leaning Iliotibial band stretch is similar to the default version, although the patient leans against a wall with his injured side facing it.

After pain subsides from stretching, strengthening exercises reduce the likeliness of pain returning in the future, notes Summit Medical Group. These include straight leg raises, prone hip extensions and side planks.

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