What Types of Specimen Does Quest Labs Test and Interpret?

Quest Diagnostics tests and interprets human specimens, including stool, urine, plasma, bone marrow and whole blood, as its website indicates. When testing for viruses and other pathogens, the company may also test spit, ear wax and other substances, and Quest also analyzes tissue biopsies.

Quest tests urine for trace elements and contaminants, including heavy metals and alcohol, as its website notes. It tests blood for many elemental poisons, such as thallium, lead and mercury, and it offers a test for malaria. The company offers oncology services and can test slides, tissues embedded in paraffin and excised lymph nodes. It tests blood coagulation and the presence of anticoagulants, such as the lupus anticoagulant.

Quest can test for fungal infections, and its website directs medical professionals to send the company swabs from a patient's affected area. Quest tests stool for parasites and harmful bacteria, including clostridium difficile.

The company's website shows detailed, in-depth instructions for medical professionals who wish to send specimens for testing, offering both general advice on decontamination procedures and specific instructions for each type of specimen that the company handles. Quest offers special handling for pediatric samples that may be smaller than the required adult minimum, and the company encourages its clients to call in this case, according to its website.