What Types of Skin Rashes Are There?

What Types of Skin Rashes Are There?

Types of skin rashes include eczema, hives, poison ivy and heat rash, according to MedicineNet. These types of rashes are as a result of fungal, parasitic, bacterial or viral infections.

Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition that affects the top part of the skin, as stated by Medical News Today. This condition occurs equally in both sexes; however, people living in dry and urban areas are more prone to developing the condition. Eczema can disappear completely upon treatment, or become a lifelong condition.

Hives appear as swollen, red bumps that appear on the skin unexpectedly, as stated by WebMD. Hives arise due to the body’s response to certain allergens. Hives can appear anywhere on the body, manifesting as single bumps or large plaques.

Poison ivy is a type of skin rash that results due to contact with a certain type of oil (urushiol). This oil is a component of roots, stems and leaves of poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak, as noted on Mayo Clinic. Contact with this oil leads to a persistent, itchy rash.

Heat rash occurs when sweat accumulates under the skin, as explained by Healthgrades. The resulting rash can be clear, reddened or skin-colored. This rash varies in the pattern, extent and location on the body.