What Types of Questions Are Included in an Emotional Abuse Checklist?


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An emotional abuse checklist includes questions that try to show whether an abuser isolates his partner, monopolizes her attention, and humiliates or degrades her, notes HelpGuide.org. Questions such as “Is your partner jealous of your friends or family?”, “Do you feel as though you are walking on eggshells?” and “Does your partner check your calls or text messages?” are typical of an emotional abuse checklist.

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Emotional abuse checklists help outsiders understand the dynamics of a relationship so that they can offer support and legal advice, explains HelpGuide.org. There are general warning signs of an emotionally abusive relationship, such as fear of her partner, angry phone calls from him and consistent comments about her partner’s possessiveness.

Shame and fear are two emotions that can prevent the victim from telling others that she is in an emotionally abusive relationship, notes HelpGuide.org. The questions in an emotional abuse checklist can help an outsider determine whether a relationship is emotionally abusive without being accusatory or judgmental.

A person often stays in an emotionally abusive relationship because she thinks nothing is wrong. She could be suffering emotional abuse without even realizing it, according to PsychCentral. Hearing a series of questions that describe her partner may encourage her to seek help.

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