What Types of Questions Are Asked in a Behavioral Interview?


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In a behavioral interview, the interviewer asks probing questions about how the interviewee has behaved or reacted in certain situations, according to About.com. The interviewer may cover topics such as setting goals, handling change, using logic and working for a team with an emphasis on specific instances.

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During a behavioral interview, candidates may be asked how they have solved an issue with a co-worker, when they were able to motivate an unenthusiastic team, when they worked well under pressure, or when they set and achieved a specific goal, as stated by About.com. They may also be asked when they went above and beyond in their work or how they found a logical solution for a problem. The interviewer sometimes asks follow-up questions to delve into details.

Employers conduct behavioral interviews to measure whether the candidate has a certain set of skills needed to complete the job in question, as confirmed by About.com. Most candidates are unaware whether the interviewer may ask traditional or behavioral questions until the interview, so they should prepare for both. They should try to remember instances involving past work and projects in which they solved problems or performed in a noteworthy fashion. Each answer should highlight a specific situation, the task at hand, the action taken and the end result.

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