What Types of Products Does CCS Medical Offer for Diabetics?

What Types of Products Does CCS Medical Offer for Diabetics?

Some of the products for diabetics sold by CCS Medical, a company also known as DEGC Enterprises, include insulin pumps and associated articles such as insulin syringes, lancing devices and liquid adhesives, states CCS Medical. Other offerings targeted at diabetics include ostomy, continence and specialized wound care products.

As of June 2015, CCS Medical offers supplies for four models of insulin pumps: the Medtronic Paradigm Real-Time Revel Minimed, the Insulet OmniPod, the Accu-Chek Combo and the Animas One Touch Ping, states CCS Medical. These supplies include insulin, alcohol wipes, pen needles, infusion sets, adhesive removers and batteries. Additional supplies include blood glucose meters, diabetes test strips and control solutions.

CCS Medical also offers a variety of specialized wound care products and dressings designed to manage epidermolysis bullosa and other types of persistent non-healing wounds that typically afflict some diabetics, states CCS Medical. These include compression pumps, compression garments and negative pressure wound therapy products.

The company also offers products that help manage incontinence, states CCS Medical. These include leg bags, drain bags, pediatric catheters, foley catheters and condom catheters. Additionally, CCS Medical vends several types of intermittent catheters; these include hydrophilic, coude and straight.

Products can be directly shipped to purchasers' addresses at no extra cost, states CCS Medical. As a bonus, the company offers free blood glucose meters with every first shipment.