What Types of Messages Can People Convey in Love Letters?


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People can convey several different messages in the love letters they write. These include romantic expressions to a sweetheart; short, sweet text messages of love to a significant other; affirmations of love to children; and even pleas for acceptance to sellers of a home they wish to buy.

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A very common message that people wish to convey in a love letter is that they are thinking about their loved ones. They want their beloveds to know that when the two are apart, thoughts of them bring happiness. Also, messages that convey how much the writer is happy to have the recipient in his life and his intentions for the future are very popular.

Love notes are not only for lovers. Parents sometimes wish to convey messages of love and support to their children. Messages of affirmation of a parent's love and promises of protection give children a feeling of security that comes with being loved unconditionally.

One of the most unlikely messages one might find regarding a love letter can come from a bidding war on a house. Sometimes realtors advise clients in a bidding competition to write a letter to the sellers, telling the seller all things they love about the property. Sellers often love hearing about how wonderful their house is and give the house to the writers of the letter.

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