What Are Some Types of Massage Techniques?


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Some of the types of massage techniques include Swedish massage, deep massage, sports massage and trigger point massage, explains Mayo Clinic. These are the most common massage techniques used in hospitals, clinics, businesses and airports. They range from light stroking to applying deep pressure.

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Swedish massage involves the use of deep circular movements, vibrations, kneading, long strokes and tapping to help in relaxation, explains Mayo Clinic. It is a gentle form of massage. Deep massage technique uses more forceful strokes that target deeper connective tissues and layers of muscles, helping people recover from muscle damage. Sports massage is similar to Swedish massage, but it is aimed towards individuals that participate in sports. It is used to help treat or prevent injuries. Trigger point massage is focused on body areas with tight muscle fibers that form in muscles after overuse or injuries.

Massage techniques have been proven to have many health benefits such as easing migraines, lowering stress and blood pressure, explains WebMD. Some researchers have shown that massage may also help in relieving pain for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Other health benefits of massage include help with anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia-related stress and myofascial pain syndrome, notes the Mayo Clinic.

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