What Types of Injections Are Available for Back Pain Relief?


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The types of injections available for back pain relief include epidural injection, nerve block and spinal cord stimulation. These injections commonly contain a numbing medicine and a steroid, and they may assist in treating two types of back pain: spinal stenosis and radiculopathy, states WebMD. However, it is necessary to note that not all people will experience the same relief.

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Physiatrists and anesthesiologists give epidural injections in a doctor's office or the hospital, notes WebMD. Imaging tests, such as an MRI or a CT scan, may be required before getting an injection. These tests enable doctors to determine the possible cause of the back pain. The doctor uses a contrast dye to ensure that the needle is placed in the epidural space before injecting the solution.

A nerve block is an injection given in the area of the nerve where the spinal column exists, states the Arthritis Foundation. This injection helps to relieve back pain caused by the inflammation or compression of a nerve root. Patients start experiencing relief a few days to a week following the injection.

Spinal cord stimulation helps to decrease the feeling of pain by stimulating the nerves in the back to prevent pain signals, explains the Arthritis Foundation. This injection replaces the pain with a pleasant tingling feeling.

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