What Types of Fungal Infections Cause Itchy, Red Rashes?

What Types of Fungal Infections Cause Itchy, Red Rashes?

Some of the fungal infections that cause itchy, red rashes include athlete's foot, jock itch and yeast infections, as stated by WebMD. Doctors can identify the rash's cause based on other symptoms as well as the infection's location on the body.

In addition to an itchy rash, athlete's foot may cause scaly skin. It can occur on the flat of the foot or between the toes, and it may produce fluid-filled blisters. In most cases, it is possible to treat it with antifungal medications, and individuals who are prone to it can prevent it by wearing sandals in the shower and drying their feet fully after washing.

Jock itch tends to occur between the thighs, around the groin and around the buttocks. It is more common in warm and damp areas, which means patients can prevent it by applying talc and keeping the skin dry. Patients may also experience chafing as well as a rash with elevated edges.

Ring worm is caused by a fungus rather than a worm. It is characterized by a round rash that is slightly raised, and it is highly contagious. Most patients can treat ringworm with a topical anti-fungal medication.

Although thrush can present with a white rash, it may also present as red. Patients may also experience pimple-like bumps. It can occur around various areas of the body, including around the vaginal or penile area.