What Are Some Types of Full Body Massage Therapy?


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Some full body massage therapy types include Swedish, deep-tissue, reflexology and hot stone. Benefits of massage therapy include pain relief, improved mood, improved circulation and better sleep.

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What Are Some Types of Full Body Massage Therapy?
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Swedish massage utilizes long strokes that go along the grain of the muscle. This type of massage concentrates on the top layer of muscle and is meant to be relaxing and stress-relieving, although it can also be beneficial for pain relief and joint pain.

Deep-tissue massage uses techniques that go deeper into the muscle tissue. The massage therapist works against the grain of the muscle. Deep-tissue massage is less rhythmic than Swedish and instead often concentrates on one area of muscle for a long time. This type of massage works well for athletes and those with deep knots.

Reflexology is a specialized kind of foot massage. Although it is not a full body massage, it is thought certain spots on the feet correspond with particularly body parts. Therefore, reflexology may help with a variety of body ailments. Reflexology is often performed along with other types of full body massage.

Hot stone massage uses warmed stones on the body. The massage therapist uses them to get deeper into the patient's tissue, as warmer muscles are more pliable and easier to work with.

Several studies have proven the beneficial aspects of massage therapy for many ailments, including back pain, insomnia, anxiety and even side effects of chemotherapy. Those interested in massage therapy should consult with a certified therapist to find the right kind of massage for them.

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