What Types of Frames Does Costco Optical Sell?

Costco Optical sells a variety of frames for all face shapes, including geometric frames, rounded frames, oval frames, navigator frames, and square frames. Costco Optical is located at select Costco Wholesale locations.

Costco Optical has a knowledgeable staff, and most locations include an independent doctor of optometry who performs yearly eye exams for Costco members who are looking for new glasses or contact lenses. Its website has a convenient face-shape guide that helps customers find flattering frames.

According to the guide, Costco Optical's round or geometric frames are most suitable for oval faces. Round or oval frames look most appealing on a customer who identifies with having a square shaped face. Individuals with rounded faces look best in a variety of Costco Optical frames, including rectangular, navigator, square or geometric. Costco Optical believes that square, navigator, rectangular or geometric best flatter customers who have a triangular or heart-shaped face.

Costco Optical also sells a variety of reading glasses in packs of three, in styles for both men and women. These frames come in hard plastic, stainless steel, memory plastic and memory metal. These reading glasses are all from the Design Optics brand, and each package has three different frame colors.