What types of foot stretches are good for reducing heel pain?


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Three types of foot stretches that help reduce pains in the heel are the Wall and Book Stretch, the Water Bottle Stretch and the Staircase Stretch, claims Heel That Pain. The exercises reportedly encourage healthy functioning of the plantar fascia ligament in the heel, arch and ball of the foot.

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The Wall and Book Stretch is performed by using a thick book such as a phone directory, explains Heel That Pain. Place the book approximately 2 feet from the wall, and then stand on the book with your heel hanging off the edge and your body facing the wall. From this position, place your hands on the wall, and lean forward. After holding this position for 15 minutes, straighten your back, and gently do 10 lifts.

The Water Bottle Stretch is simpler than the Wall and Book Stretch, notes Heel That Pain. Sit in a comfortable chair, and use the sole of your feet to roll the water bottle back and forth for one minute. Make sure that the bottle rolls from your heel to the ball of your feet. The water bottle can be substituted with a tennis ball or rolling pin.

To do the Staircase Stretch, stand on the edge of a stair on the ball of your feet, and allow your heel to hang off the stair, directs Heel That Pain. Use your toes to slowly lift your body 10 times.

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