What Types of Foods Should Type 2 Diabetics Avoid?


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Examples of foods that type 2 diabetics should avoid include pastas, pheasant, fatty poultry, chocolate and alcohol, recommends Healthline. Yams, carrots, beets and corn are vegetables to be avoided. Foods containing bad fats or added sugars are on the list as well.

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Bad fats, which include bacon, margarine, butter, peanut oil and animal lard, can immediately affect a type 2 diabetic, according to Healthline. Diets that moderate carbohydrates, saturated fat and sodium are beneficial. Carbohydrates should account for no more than 45 to 65 percent of a diabetic's total caloric intake. Soluble fiber available in legumes, fruits and vegetables may improve the health of diabetics, while diet soft drinks, unsweetened tea and sugar substitutes have no dietary limits.

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