What Types of Food Are Best for Low Glucose Diets?


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For people following a low glucose diet, foods with a high fiber content and low carbohydrate count prove best, such as oatmeal, most fruits (except melons, pineapples and raisins), legumes, hummus, sweet potatoes and yams, corn, pasta, whole wheat bread products, barley and non-starchy vegetables. Physicians and health care practitioners rank foods on a glycemic index, and these foods fall into categories of low, medium and high glucose levels. Typically, raw and natural foods rank lowest on the glycemic index while those undergoing processing or with added salt and sugar rank highest.

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Despite appearing in distinct groups on the glycemic index, some variation exists among foods within certain levels. Factors like ripeness and age influence the sugar and carbohydrate level of some foods, such as bananas. This potential for fluctuation makes bananas and grapes, like many fruits, appear on the low and medium GI list. Foods with a medium GI count of between 56 and 59, according to the American Diabetes Association, includes rye and pita breads, non-white rice and some types of pasta. Foods highest on the GI, with a glucose count over 70, include processed foods using white flour or corn, such as white bread, some cereals, rice pasta, and pasta from box mixes. Salty foods like pretzels, popcorn and sweets fall into this category, too.

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